Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ask Bill Shorten

This is a post with a short life. Tonight, 29th October 2009, you can ask your question about NDIS directly to Bill Shorten, the major political driving force behind NDIS on the ABC's program Q&A Adventures in Democracy.

There are a number of questions on NDIS, some asking critical ones. This is a good opportunity to "ask your heart out!"

FYI, my two questions are posted there. Lets see if they get up. Anyway, here they are too:

The NDIS Plan is silent on funding of independent disability advocacy, in part as a safeguard to good service for people with disabilities. Disability advocacy has been operating on a trickle of funding for decades, perhaps because the government does not like funding this sector as potentially uncomfortable to it. But it is vital to people with disabilities. Will NDIS greatly increase its funding and development to be strong and effective, including the type called citizen advocacy?Erik Leipoldt

(Pity there is a word limit on the questions because I don't mean to assert that advocacy is merely there to monitor service quality, as the Shut Out report appears to say. )

The Shut Out report, as does the NDIS Plan, states that disability services are failing Australians with disabilities. What are the identified areas where services are failing, and what will NDIS/national strategy do to change this? Will NDIS simply mean offering more of the same? If not, what fundamental changes to service quality might it enable? And how will it avoid Medicare-type problems of waiting lists and (lack of) quality service?Erik Leipoldt

(Noticed a few questions along these lines. Will we get an answer?)

Happy viewing.

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