Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Announcing Amendments to NDIS Terms of Reference

Finally, prime Minister Kevin Rudd has stepped in personally.

Read this:

""I cannot go to the Australian people and say: Oh by the way, here's some extra funding for A, Y, and Z and A, B, and C, when the underlying structure of the system frankly is a mess."


"I have not gone to a single meeting (...) where people have not put up their hand and said this system has to be radically changed and radically improved." (The Australian, The Nation, p. 4)

So, has he now ordered the Productivity Commission into intensive consultations with representatives in the disability field?

Ordered amendments to the terms of reference to include issues that are vital to people with disabilities?

Issues like, how is the present service system failing precisely, what is disability, what are the needs, and so on?

Will participation on the Independent Panel guiding the study be revised to reflect the central interest that this study is all about? Finding funding mechanisms for approaches that truly lead to better lives for our fellow Australians who have disabilities?

Will he or the Minister show they understand the urgency but also the complexity of our issues?



Sorry to disappoint you.

Not yet...

The first two quotes are taken from utterances with regard to the Rudd health system reform. The rest is yet to happen.

But we CAN make this real!

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